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Hey! I'm Kat aka The Radio Nerd. If you're here, you're probably obsessed with radio too. 

After 10 years in the radio industry, I left to focus on my health and started 'The Radio Nerd' in 2019. It's been the perfect way to share my passion and love of radio with the world. 

As of May 2022, The Radio Nerd has over 10,000 followers on social media (Instagram/Facebook, YouTube & TikTok

Follow along as I thrift for radios, post pics/videos of radios, share awesome Radio Nerd products and much more. 


Virgin Radio Vancouver

On location at Virgin 953 Vancouver


Z953 Vancouver

The launch of Z953 Vancouver


Chum 1045

The re-launch of CHUM 104.5 



  • How is this for nerding out for radio. I am in the progress of launching my own commercial FM

    Keep up the good work.

  • 29th Monday, November 2021


    A Day in the Life of a Vlogger

    The day was gray, it’s okay
    I was standing on a street corner, snowflakes falling all around me
    People are decorating the city’s big evergreen tree
    Caaaaaaaaaaaan yuuuuuuuo seeeeeee the treeeeeeeee
    A jamboree is playing
    The conductor of the jamboree was wearing a magician’s hat
    I could see a name on the hat, “The Lonely Heart’s Club Band”
    The day was gray, it’s okay
    Caaaaaaaaaaaan yuuuuuuuo seeeeeee the treeeeeeeee
    Are the skyscrapers blocking your view
    I am now standing in the middle of an all snow blanket field
    I tilt my vlog-cam up to capture the sheer size of an evergreen tree
    It’s all alone in the field, I am alone in the field, but I realize I am not alone
    The Great Spirit of creation has shared with me
    The beauty
    The Evergreen Tree
    And we dress-up it up with ornaments and flickering lights
    The Evergreen Tree

    Sincerely, Clayton Crawford There are no perfect people, just perfect intentions I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Poem about the Evergreen Tree CHEERS!
    Clayton Crawford
  • Hey girl, congratulations on taking care of yourself, following your dreams and kicking ass!!

  • Your story is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for not giving up on yourself

  • Emily,

    Enjoyed reading your bio, some of it mirrors my life as well. My love for radio started early, scanning the AM band late at night finding distant places I could never afford to visit. An avid radio collector since 13, still searching for that ‘one’ radio to complete the collection. D.J. In my twenties on Saturday mornings and running a small TV station in the evening, I gained experience and fueled my radio passion even more. Retired now after about 29 years in cable TV, I enjoy my voiceover work and running a low power AM and online radio station. Again, great website and Instagram page, thanks for what you do!

    Tim Miller

    Tim Miller Voiceovers

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