'The Girl With The Golden Ear' has passed away at 82.

Here’s a Radio Nerd you NEED TO KNOW 
Rosalie Trombley radio

This is Rosalie Trombley aka “The Girl with the Golden Ear” 

Rosalie was THE music director in radio. Working at powerhouse CKLW 

Rosalie Trombley
She started at the station as switchboard operator in ‘68 but quickly rose to music director after management realized she had a talent for picking hit songs.
Rosalie has been credited with boosting the careers of KISS, The Guess Who, BTO, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Elton John and more. 
Rosalie Trombley

Bob Segers song “Rosalie” is dedicated to her with lyrics “She’s quite the mediator, a smoother operator, you will never see, Knows music. No music till you see — She’s got the power, got the tower, Rosalie.”

At Canadian Music Week (CMW) female radio trailblazers are awarded with the “Rosalie Award” 

Rosalie passed away on Tuesday at the age of 82. 

She's an absolute radio LEGEND.

Rosalie Trombley


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